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  13/12 : Weather United Arab Emirates 25°C 76°F Clear

  13/12 : Weather China 18°C 65°F Partly cloudy

  13/12 : Weather Qatar 24°C 76°F Partly cloudy

  13/12 : Weather India 29°C 84°F Sunny

  13/12 : Weather Hong Kong 23°C 73°F Partly cloudy

  13/12 : Weather Japan 8°C 47°F Cloudy

  13/12 : Weather South Korea 6°C 42°F Partly cloudy

  13/12 : Weather Singapore 28°C 83°F Partly cloudy

  13/12 : Weather Iraq 21°C 69°F Patchy rain possible


Pictures of Kampong O'Carroll Scott Singapore

Pictures of Kampong O'Carroll Scott Singapore


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