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  24/05 : Weather New Zealand 13°C 56°F Cloudy

  23/05 : Weather French Polynesia 33°C 92°F Partly cloudy

  23/05 : Weather Papua New Guinea 35°C 96°F Clear

  23/05 : Weather Australia 19°C 67°F Partly cloudy

  23/05 : Weather Cook Islands 28°C 82°F Light rain shower

  23/05 : Weather New Caledonia 28°C 82°F Partly cloudy

  23/05 : Weather Vanuatu 32°C 89°F Cloudy

  24/05 : Weather Samoa 33°C 91°F Moderate or heavy rain shower

  24/05 : Weather Tuvalu 36°C 96°F Partly cloudy



Weather Samoa

  Weather Samoa

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